Episode 21 - Dyrnholm-ward Bound

Familiar sleeping arangements.

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"Impending Boom", "Thatched Villagers", "Intrepid", "Vanishing", "Enter the Maze", "Almost in F", "Ossuary 2 - Turn", "Lost Frontier", "Spring Thaw", "Curse of the Scarab", "Our Journey Begins", Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Chains - soundbits_JustChains_pitched_Just_Chains-pull-Hanging-Jingle_14
Door Knock - zapsplat_household_knocking_door_wood_slight_rattle_003_15392
Horse Whinny - audio_hero_s-horse-whinny
Slap - human_hand_slap_around_face
Footsteps Snow - zapsplat_foley_footsteps_deep_snow_11432
Open Chest - household_chest_wooden_lid_move_sharp_items_on_top
Anvil - soundbits_Impacts_SIMPLE_311
Pub - ambience_bar_small_002

Wind CC3 - 147637__kangaroovindaloo__spooky-wind-howl