Beholder's Eye - Episode 20 - Knocked Out Vengeance

Surprisingly competent.

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"Invariance", "Industrial Cinematic", "The Descent", "Reign Supreme", "Chase", "Echoes of Time v2", "Darkling", "Exotic Battle", "Grim Idol", "Rynos Theme", "Curse of the Scarab", "Our Journey Begins", Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Sword Hit - warfare_swords_x_2_hit_002
Body Hit and Fall - johnj_human_impact_weapon_body_fall_sword_or_bat
Zelara Punch - foley_walkers_Heavy+punches-02
Arrow Miss - warfare_medieval_scythian_recurve_arrow_heavy_pass_by_001
Arrow Hit - zapsplat_warfare_arrow_shoot_hit_target_002_14337
Thud - zapsplat_impact_thud_light_small_soft_object_002_17767
Margrain Warhammer Hit - zapsplat_impact_metal_heavy_thump_clunk_001_13429
Bone Snap - horror_bone_arm_leg_break_male_scream_001
Divine Fury - audio_hero_Wolf_DIGIP03-77 and johnj_science_fiction_railgun_fire_beam
Healing - zapsplat_science_fiction_light_sabre_swing_electronic_hum_005_17372
Squishy - zapsplat_horror_guts_flesh_blood_squelch_splat_13482
Misty Step - zapsplat_magic_wand_reversed_whoosh_build_001_12537
Shocking Grasp - zapsplat_science_fiction_weapon_gun_fire_ball_of_electricity
Sword Parry - zapsplat_warefar_sword_hit_another_fight_008
Scream Male - soundbits_ScreamsShouts2_Male_Scream_045
Thunderwave - zapsplat_nature_thunder_strike_very_close_light_rain
Sword Break - impact_glass_window_smash_006