Beginning of Margrain's journal with fun audio snippets

Okay so here is a little something I have been working on. I was working on a journal for Margrain in order to get in his head a bit and figure out how he feels about everything that is going on. I found this incredibly fun so I decided I would share with everyone.

These journal entry's contained here span a time of shortly before episode 1 to the first half of episode 3. All of these are written from Margrain's point of view so may not contain all of the information you the viewer know. Also these journals directly reference things that happen in the podcast so consider this your spoiler warning.

I hope everyone enjoys these as I had a blast making them and look out for more as the podcast progresses.


Tybi, 2, 6, 3015 AWS


It is finished! It is finished! The last chain is forged! Who would have known this is where I would be when I joined 5 years ago. Will I really be a paladin tomorrow? Will Alain and Gorum really accept this chainmail in service of Theos?


Tybi, 3, 1, 3015 AWS

Is this what it feels like? Am I the same man who woke this morning, but the man writing this now is a paladin. Is it supposed to feel so different? Is this Theos smiling upon me? Alain and Gorum accepted my mail so readily… Even after these 2 years of forging, training and studying I always doubted they would accept it. Is the ceremony the same for all? Alain took me to the falls and blessed me, the chainmail, shield and hammer with oil. But I swore no oaths; Alain said to me “Rise paladin of Theos you have been accepted as initiate of our order, but this day you swear no oaths for all men must forge them for themselves in time.” and it was done. We returned to the cathedral and I donned my chainmail and tabard and the cathedral bell tolled so all would know what had happened. My first assignment is tomorrow, I hope I do well. But am I supposed to feel so different? How does a man forge oaths?


Tybi, 3, 2, 3015 AWS


My charge and I walked until I had to call a halt to our journey. This has made my charge rather unimpressed, this was no surprise to me as he has been in a hurry since the moment I met him. This morning when I reported to Alain at the crack of dawn for this mission my charge proceeded to interrupt my briefing to insist we leave immediately. For 10 hours straight we have walked and at this I am calling our halt. This man despite his rush is in my charge. Theos has forged me as his shield and it is my duty to keep him safe. If we walked for any longer I would not have the strength in me to defend him if we were attacked, so rest now we shall. Come to think of it I have yet to get his name. I should probably get that when we set off again tomorrow.


Tybi, 3, 3, 3015 AWS


Percival his name is Percival. This fact I learned as we set off this morning but things soon returned to the same silent march as yesterday. This I decided was not going to be how I spend another day, so with that I began talking and soon realised that it would be the best thing I could have done. I didn't talk about anything in particular mostly musing as to our surroundings never getting much of a response, but one small comment about the pointlessness of our roads meandering path through the foothills of the mountains and I soon couldn't get a word in edgeways. Percival you see is a surveyor working with the church on behalf of the queen to build a road. I quickly realised how little I knew about the proper path of a road as he enthused about how “The Queens Highway” would be a road to end all roads. Now as we end our march for today I feel my initial opinion of this man may have changed, he may not be to bad after all.


Tybi, 3, 4, 3015 AWS


Percival and I talked all day today the man has such passion for his profession it was an easy feat. Today as we end our march I feel I may have made a new friend in this man.


Tybi, 3, 5, 3015 AWS


My journey with Percival seems to be at an end, we reached castle Delacroux today and this is where we will part ways. The chapel here has been kind enough to give me a bed so that I may have a good night's rest before I head back tomorrow. Only thing left for today is to oil my gear before I sleep.


Tybi, 3, 6, 3015 AWS


Percival and I parted as friends today. I find after my long day walking alone I miss his company but at least it was warmer today than it has been.


Tybi, 4, 1, 3015 AWS


Sometimes people forget the simple things, but I find myself at the end of my 6th full day of walking really appreciating my well made boots.


Tybi, 4, 2, 3015 AWS


At the end of today as I sit by the fire, I find myself lucky enough to have company. Both these men are interesting to say the least. The large one is named Magnjar and the other man Hibonite has a interesting hue to his skin. All of us are strangers to each other but we are all heading to Kringle Falls so it will be nice to have the company for the last day of the walk. Wait was that an goblin? No my eyes must be fooling me, I was never the best at seeing in the dark.


Yes it was goblins, but both of these men handled themselves well. One of them is even a sorcerer, he shoots flames from his hands. Well at least things can't get any more interesting around here.


Tybi, 4, 3, 3015 AWS


Okay I was wrong. Interesting things seem to follow these new friends of mine, no sooner had we returned to town and my new friend and I found ourselves in a fight with one of the Red Hands that goes by the name of Xork. The fight quickly ended and then we proceeded to be arrested by Abigail. Alain bailed us out though and I did quickly remed his disappointment in my predicament when Xork accepted my challenge to him to fight in the tournament. I beat him quickly and apparently made Alain a good amount of money as he bet I would win and the book keepers had the odds 3:1 against me. Despite my victory something Alain said still bothers me, “you have the heart of a dwarf if nothing else Margrain” even he after knowing me these many years still won't believe what I am for his eyes say I could not possibly be a dwarf. I will not dwell on this as the Archbishop has tasked me with finding out what is delaying Luxor Ironfist in his delivery of this thing they call Red Silver. My newfound friends were also more than willing take up this task with me. They both seem to be good men, pagans yes, a little bit odd yes; but good men nonetheless. I also learned today of Magnjar’s sad history and may learn more about the two of them tomorrow when we set off.


Tybi, 4, 4, 3015 AWS


I sleep tonight in a lodge where a massacre has taken place. We arrived here to the gruesome sight of  one of our soldiers dead bodys pinned to the front door with a knife. I then failed to save another as his throat was slit within my reach. There are no survivors here, soldiers and civilians alike all dead. The men who did this were slain as we defend ourselves all of them clothed in the armor of Soligreen but with the tattoos of the Cruxian army. Does someone want war between Thailmer and Soligreen? We must take care of the body's when dawn breaks and then proceed on to Luxor’s mine we can get a message to others from there. But first we need to take care of these poor people. I doubt I will sleep tonight.