Learning New Moves

WOW! What a month! The changes in the party have been drastic without our barbarian moral center guiding us to the next step on our journey. Between the major party discussions and the various new enemies the stakes are growing with the characters and the world in general. We have some really intense episodes coming up and I'm excited for all of you hear them. 

If you want to help support our journey to new dramatic heights, our Patreon is now live! You can get access to a special discord channel, early releases of the podcast, or really amazing art and mini-painting instructions. I'm personally super hyped for the map when we hit $250 per month. It doesn't exist yet and we would probably benefit as players if we had one. 

I have spread my wings as DM a bit more by leading two separate groups of women through a Side Eye Sisters one-shot to celebrate Women in Gaming month. I managed to gather some amazing, talented ladies from various podcasts and streams, such as The Titans of All'Terra, Almost Heroic, and Party Advantage, to lead through a homebrewed one-shot complete with a custom monster from Death By Mage. You can find the fruits of those sessions, put together by our crack editing team of Sam and Ben, every Wednesday in June. 

In unrelated news, if you enjoyed Alavari from the Glamorous Guest Side Eye, you can find her in her home world over on the LCP DND podcast starting Thursday, May 23. So far she's in at least 7 episodes and with those boys, it's rather hard to tell what will happen next. Her main goal is to perform with the Man in Black, so you'll have to tune in to see if that happens. 

We are all busy planning for our time at GenCon- Sam and Kim will be doing a seminar entitled Playable Podcasts: Engage the Audience 10am on Friday, August 2nd. Otherwise the whole crew minus Alex should be hanging around the entire weekend. Swing by the Discord for more information as we sort out scheduling for that.