Women in Gaming Madness

Hello, you wonderful listeners! Our normal episodes this month have been a wild ride! I hope you enjoy the unexpected turns we've taken, the players had a great time with the sudden dimension jumping and new NPCs Alex came up with. If you're not caught up, I recommend being caught up when Episode 63 drops June 24th. The action is positively explosive. If you're already caught up, you can get all our episodes a full week in advance with the $5 level over on our Patreon.

It's been a busy, busy month for me as I attempt to do everything possible for Women in Gaming month. Thankfully, everyone on the Beholder's Eye crew has been willing to dive in and do extra work for the Side Eye Sisters episodes. I had a blast playing with two different groups of ladies to lead them through my home-brewed one-shot. Hopefully you're enjoying how differently the groups approached the issue. Super big shout out to Sam and Ben for editing two episodes a week this month. You guys rock harder than diamonds. 

On top of my one-shot for Beholder's Eye, I wrote articles, appeared in podcasts and streams, and generally attempted to be more omnipresent than normal in the name of Women in Gaming this month. I wrote my first blog article for one of our newer fans, @J_A_Nicholinni on Twitter, on his blog, Fiction Mission, in which I talked about How to Treat Women In Gaming. I teamed up with Shawn from the Aeterna podcast to write up a goddess for Pathfinder, the Mother of Stone. He and Traci, the player of Adira, also invited me to voice Queen Deborah for their Tiraxis Tale: Adira's Fate. Drew, the DM from CritStorm Podcast talked One-Shots with me on an edition of Eye of the Storm, and I will be DMing an all femme one-shot entitled Moon Mad Maiden on the RoleCallRP Twitch channel Monday the 17th at 7p Eastern. Oh, and I continue to be in LCP DND

For the coming months, our normal release schedule continues, even while most of the #ChaosQuartet is at GenCon. You'll be able to find most of us there, just hit up our Discord for more information as the time grows near. 

Thanks for Listening!

Kim (Zelara of Turmez)