New Family Adventures

Greetings, awesome listeners! I hope you've been enjoying our somewhat stomach-turning adventures with Garren in the group now. It's fun to see how the party reacts to newbie and each other as they continue on their journey. We will soon have some new character art and blurb about Garren over on Meet the Team! Hopefully the visual gives you a good perspective of how the bad boy circus wizard mixes with the party. Ben has done an excellent job with his character art, just as he's done with the rest of the crew. 

Soon, you can help support that beautiful art and the rest of the epic adventure on Patreon. We should launch before the end of April, so keep your eyes on our Twitter for when that goes live. We're planning lots of fun little perks and look forward to interacting with our fans more on that front. 

Speaking of fan interaction, the entire crew is currently planning to be at (or near) GenCon! Sam and I will be doing a panel entitled Playable Podcasts: Engage the Audience on Friday August 2 at 10am with some other podcast peeps from the Steele Empire podcast network to talk about how to do what we do. If you'd like to meet us, give us a shout on Twitter or hang in our discord for meet-up info as we plot out our adventures. 

Thanks for listening!

Kim (Zelara of Turmez)