The Party

Margrain Silverbeard Avatar.png

Margrain Silverbeard

Margrain is a definitely a dwarf--just ask him.  The evidence is clear. He is strong like a dwarf, brave like a dwarf, drinks like a dwarf, barely 3ft tall and beardless like a…err...umm...

His mother assures him that he is a dwarf.


Garren Kelso

Garren learned to be a Bladesinger in Kelso's Fantastic Caravan, taming the lions and wowing audiences both young and old. Due to Fate (the only true 'god' in which he believes), the high elf has found himself in the employ of the Queen of Thailmer in hopes of atoning for his many, many sins.

Will Fate be on his side? Or will she once again throw him into the fire?

Whatever comes, it will be very interesting.

Hibonite Avatar.png


Hibonite is a very immature traveler and naive of the world outside his village. He set out on a journey bound for thrilling experiences, misunderstanding and new friends.

Always seeking the secret history of his tribe, Hibonite strives to acquire knowledge or items which could help his people.

Everything can only end well right?


Zelara of Turmez

Zelara is a wood elf full of wanderlust fueled by her father’s stories of the old days. She set out from home to experience the world and ended up with the Monks of Turmez. Set free from her duties there, she hopes to find new friends and be a force for good in the world gone mad.

 What greater good is there than stabbing the bad guys?

The DM



He is the DM.

What more is there to say?

Except he is totally evil.

He is also in charge.

Bow before him.


Previous Members

Magnjar Skulgrim Avatar.png

Magnjar Skulgrim

Magnjar is the strongest Barbar--err--Sorcerer you will ever meet. His power is unmatched. His Magic Missile literally hits like a javelin to the heart. His Thunderwave have been known to leave enemies decimated and his hammer bloody.

He is a Great Sorcerer. It's confusing why no one else sees it.

The trail of bodies speaks for itself...