Marching On

Hello my glorious Beholder fans! Our Side Eye has been a pleasant break from the dark political games of the main story. I hope you've enjoyed our outlandish characters and party dynamics. Alavari certainly had a blast out witting Wit. 

Next week we return to our normal story line with a continuation from exactly where we dropped things with Zelara in mid-conversation with her old friend.  The next few episodes are full of backstory and development, so hopefully some of your long burning questions are answered. 

Speaking of long burning questions, sorry for the delay in the Q&A- I know I said it would drop in February, but life conspired against us with illness and injury. I hope you have all enjoyed it by now, but if you haven't you can find it here.

For the future, we have some exciting things coming! We're hammering out details on our Patreon such as tiers and goodies to go with them, looking into possible swag for our appearance at GenCon, and collectively hoping we don't have to pull our back-up characters out for our next recording session. 

If you have more questions or just feel like hanging out, you're always welcome to join our Discord

Thanks for listening!

Kim (Zelara of Turmez)

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