Love, Loss, and Questions

Hello you wonderful listeners! I hope you've enjoyed this wild month of character growth! Our characters managed to surprise even the players who play them, so that's been an interesting turn of events. We've had a good time, even if it was a bit of an emotional roller coaster. 

Next up we have a little break form the heavy emotions: a Side Eye led by our the charming Brit of our group, Ryan! He led a band a Bards through a lovely, gold-festooned cave of wonders. It was great adventure and hopefully you'll enjoy the quirkiness of our characters. Alavari, my Tielfling bard for the adventure actually came from the world created by our Podcast friends over at LCP DND. She'll be appearing in their adventure starting with Episode 15 sometime... in the spring? We'll let you know when that episode drops.

Also, our Q&A episode will be coming out soon! Hopefully you enjoy all our answers, we've certainly enjoyed reading through your comments and questions. If our answers leave you with more questions, we always welcome more banter on our Discord server:

Thanks for listening!

Kim (Zelara of Turmez)

Kim Metzger