The Big Launch Is Here

Sometimes things progress faster than you expect but that can be an awesome thing. So with that we are officially launching the podcast. Apple, Google and Stitcher have all approved so were going to run with it.

So with that great news here are a few changes that will be coming:

  • Episodes will be regularly posted at 4AM PST next one is this Monday February the 19th 2018 with Beholder's Eye - Episode 3 - Where Everybody Knows Your Name.
  • You can probably expect us to be more active on social media.
  • Community interaction: hit us up were not hard to get a hold of just hit us up on Twitter, Email or even comment here on the site if your feeling adventurous. Do not be shy were itching to talk to all of you and get your feedback.
  • Audio quality improvement. Yeah we know the first two were a little bit sketchy audio wise, but we have learned some awesome stuff about this whole thing and its got allot better. So keep your eyes out for Beholder's Eye - Episode 4 - Sidebar

And that is about it we look forward to seeing what you all think of it were having a ton of fun and feel free to hit us up on twitter @eye_beholders or me @samsalot007