Margrain Silverbeard


Margrain is a dwarf what more is there to say he is strong, brave, drinks with the best of them, barely 3ft tall and beardless… Okay maybe there is more to say. Margrain grew up in the small mountain town of Dyrnholm surrounded by other dwarves. Born to Morgran and Tordrid Silverbeard and the oldest of their six children. He was always small even as a child the other dwarves towered over him but that just made him all the stronger and nobody could look down on the man he had become he was the dwarf who you wanted to have your back in a fight and had no shortage of company at the local tavern where he could drink as good as the rest of them. When he came of age Margrain chose to follow in his father's footsteps and become a miner but even though he could break rock all day his poor eyesight in the dark ment he was always having trouble in the dim mines of the dwarves. After being sacked by the boss his little sister Nora got him a job selling jewelry at her husband's stall in the town square. It was there that Margrain found his lot in life one day while he was working the stall he overheard a sermon of a priest of Theos preaching of the teachings of St. Eligius preaching of forging not just the forging of metals but the forging of the best people. These preachings really resonated with Margrain and the next morning he packed his things said his goodbyes to his family and joined the priest to join the order of St. Eligius, and man was he not prepared for what he was getting into. Margrain and the priest made there way to the village of Kringle falls where the cathedral of St. Eligius is located. It was there he became an acolyte of St. Eligius and began to learn to forge himself into a better person, a better dwarf. What he didnt know is that began with the forging of horseshoes for three years… But forge he did, and did, and did, and did but he did do other things he helped at the orphanages run by the order and trained to protect the weak with the paladins. It was there training he caught the eye of Bishop Alain Nelos head of paladin training and when finished his training as an acolyte he was asked to begin a journey to become one of the orders paladins he accepted and began his training which included more forging. You see before a paladin can protect others they must protect themselves so every paladin forges their own armor chain by chain before they can swear their oaths and become a full fledged paladin. So Margrain forged and trained and for the next 2 years he worked on forging himself into the dwarf he wishes to be. So Margrain after his 5 years of forging his armor complete and hammer in hand is a full paladin of St. Eligius in all but his oaths but that will come in time for all men must forge them for themselves.

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