Nyx's History of The Great Isle---Lonilan

Lonilan, the happy fat king

Whose ego was as wide as his girth

He drunkenly fell in a fairy ring

And the sprites then ended his mirth


This children’s rhyme is still sung by young ones jumping rope or dancing the Circle of Zhan. However, the history of the character Lonilan and events mentioned is not widely known.

My research has been able to yield a little.

King Lonilan (Lundalin in Ramoth’s Folio Three) who ruled a kingdom called Untervin sometime between 75-125 AWS. Untervin was a few miles west of where Tuck’s End is located today.

Ramoth doesn’t declare that Lonilan is a human, but it can be assumed that he was. Ramoth lived before the Church of Theos’s revolution of racial integration. As a human she would write with this being the default race. When she writes about other races it’s always at “trollish dwarves” or “demonic elves”.

She writes that Lonilan had taken another king’s land to double the size of Untervin. The name of that king is lost due to Ramoth’s Folio Three’s poor care before it came to the Library of Delacroux. Much of the folio has been eaten through by scribe worms. This conquest seems to have been the most significant action of Untervin and Lonilan.

Lonilan attempted to expand his kingdom westward. According to Remoth Zula, the “evil elfin queen who was a known consort of devils”, engaged Lonilan’s soldiers in battle. Lonilan won the first battle in the deep woods.

On the night of their victory the humans camped after their victory. As they slept “a scream was heard which ripped these brave humans to their very souls”. Lonilan’s tent was split in two. His bodyguards were found headless “so that their souls would never find peace”. Lonilan was not found and he doesn’t appear in any record beyond the Folio Three.

In 1,285 AWS Dyster Tulber, the gnome priest of St. Arcond writes of foundational ruins of what he believed to be a small castle 3 miles west of Tuck’s End. It was then (and more so now) overtaken by the forest. There was evidence that it had been burned. There was a medallion with the name Lund Ahl Untervin inscribed around the edges. It is believed that this is from Lonilan’s reign and possibly even his true name at that time. This is the only concrete evidence to corroborate Folio Three. The medallion can be seen in the Temple of St. Arcond in Crux.

From Kingdoms of Pre-Unification Thailmer by Nyx Seersail